Clark & Loughan Glen 3rd at Blenheim credit samantha clark

We talk to Clark Montgomery who rode horse Loughan Glen into 3rd place in the CCI***, as well as US super-grooms Max Corcoran and Kaitlin Spurlock about their week at Blenheim. We have a  training tip from Canadian Jessie Phoenix who shares the warm-up cross country exercise that helped prepare Pavarotti for his round, and eventual 10th place.  Plus….don’t miss our very special guest Kathryn Kraft, yes – Jess’ mom and Clark’s mother in law! – on the differences she sees between eventing in the UK and US.

Eventing Radio Episode 266 by Bit of Britain – Show Notes and Links:

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Jessie Phoenix Training Tip credit samantha clark       kaitlin and ben at blenheim credit samantha clark       max and pirate at Blenheim credit samantha clark
Left to Right:  Jessica Phoenix,  Kaitlin Spurlock, Max Corcoran credit Samantha Clark

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