Horse Radio Network by Horse Radio Network Around the Track 11 - Former Jockey Richard Migliore 07-10-2017
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Around the Track 11 – Former Jockey Richard Migliore

Jul 10, 2017

There’s no question Richard Migliore laid it all on the line when he rode racehorses. Nicknamed “The Mig” after the Russian fighter jet for his tenacity on the track, Migliore came within millimeters of being paralyzed or killed more than once. But The Mig never quit and made almost miraculous recoveries, displaying a resilience born of his undying passion for the sport. A well-liked and highly respected rider during his career, Migliore is a self-described racetracker who embraces and appreciates people from all walks of life at the track. In this edition of Around the Track, he shares stories about his favorite horses, the devastating injuries and comebacks and the backstretch life.  Listen in…

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