Horse Radio Network by Horse Radio Network Around the Track 13 - Thoroughbred Owner Sol Kumin 08-13-2017
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Around the Track 13 – Thoroughbred Owner Sol Kumin

Aug 12, 2017

It’s hard to envision a racehorse owner with a better start in Thoroughbred racing than Sol Kumin. In a three-year span, Kumin, a 42-year-old Wall Street hedge fund manager, has circled the globe winning races at top-class events, including Royal Ascot, Dubai, the Breeders’ Cup, and the Triple Crown. That kind of early success does not come easy in the sport, but Kumin has been quick to share his newfound passion with friends and family, often bringing dozens of them to the track for a big race, and quick to appreciate all the people it takes to help a racehorse win. Tales from his adventure so far, the astonishing comeback of Lady Eli (one of his first horses), and thoughts on what has helped him succeed in this edition of Around the Track.

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