HORSES IN THE MORNING by Horse Radio Network Barn Fire, Paulus Rehoming OTTB's, 1st World Problems, Healthy Horse - 01-08-18 by Omega Alpha 01-08-2018
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HITM 01-08-18 – Barn Fire, Paulus Rehoming OTTB’s, 1st World Problems, Healthy Horse – by Omega Alpha

Jan 8, 2018

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition Domonique Ferraro joins us, having just lived every horse person’s worst nightmare, a barn fire. Dr. Chang talks about developing Healthy Horse supplement, Amy Lynn Paulus shares how she rehomes some 500 OTTB’s each year and the wacky world of horse nation hits the laugh button with a rubber mallet, sparking a shower of equestrian 1st world problems.

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