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HITM 08-17-2017 by NATRC – New Trail Journal Magazine, Erin Glassman’s Tevis Ride, Living Quarters Priorities

On today’s NATRC episode Alice and Coach Jenn take stock of what is really important in a living quarters horse trailer, chat with Shannon Schraufnagel about the HTCAA and the launch of the new online magazine Trail Journal and, Erin Glassman tells us about her first 100 mile endurance ride. Listen in…

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HITM 07-20-2017 by NATRC – Ermine & Jr’s Big Adventure, Children’s Riding Lessons, Hot Weather Helpers

On today’s NATRC episode Alice and Coach Jenn get the real story of Ermine & Junior’s big horse camping adventure, including some important take aways on awnings and camper toilets. Alice steps out of her comfort zone by doing some kids riding lessons and we talks about motiviations to ride after work and tips for keeping you and your horse comfortable in the summer heat. Listen in…

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HITM 08-18-2016 by NATRC – Orienteering & Geocaching For Fun, Tolbert’s Perfect Sienna, Smith Cooks

This month on our NATRC episode we take a look at some fun ways to improve your trail skills; geocaching on horseback and mounted orienteering with guest Amy Martin. Wayne Tolbert tells us about his NATRC Hall of Fame horse Sienna and Chuck Smith talks about channeling your inner chef on the trail. Listen in….

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HITM for 03-17-2016 by NATRC & Riding Warehouse – Paso Fino Fun, Free NATRC Membership, Why Wear A Helmet

Alice is joined by guest co-host Annette who shares her horse trailer horror stories, Paso Fino fan Teresa Musgrave answers all of the questions you were afraid to ask about this popular breed, Sara Rinne from the NATRC announces a new membership initiative and the whole crew joins in to debunk a why I don’t wear a helmet list. Listen in…

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HITM for 11-19-2015 by NATRC – Fitness for Draft Crosses, The Great Distance Derby, Hoof Mechanics Explained

On on today’s NATRC episode Annnette Griffin tells us about her spotted draft and what challenges come with competing a ‘heavy horse’, Heather Grace tells us about The Great Distance Derby and Dusty McCord talks about hoof mechanics. Our list features seven essential skills for trail horses and we indoctrinate a few more designer horse breeds. Listen in…

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HITM for 07-16-2015 NATRC by The Distance Depot – Gone Swimmin’, Essential Oils, GPS for Equestrians

On today’s NATRC Trail Ride episode by The Distance Depot Alice and Glenn have some fun with a list of swimming with your horse pointers, Kris Hapgood talks about her experience with essential oils and Kristen from the Distance Depot explains the latest and greatest in GPS & Heart Rate Monitors for equestrians. Listen in…

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