The Horse Radio Network is the premier Online Radio Network for horse lovers worldwide with shows to satisfy all equine tastes.

Now one of the largest podcasting networks in the world:

  • Over 6,000 episodes
  • Over 6,400 guests interviewed
  • Over 600 product reviews
  • Listeners in 92 countries

The key to the Horse Radio Network is fun!  We believe that people own horses for fun and entertainment.  Why else would you put up with the early morning feedings, stall cleaning, vet bills, long trips to shows,  empty bank accounts and everything else that goes with being a horse owner.

Our goal with these shows is to help your chores go a little faster and to put a smile on your face!

What is Online Radio or Podcasting:

A podcast is nothing more than an on demand radio show that you find online.  The advantage over regular radio is the many choices you have for how and when you listen to the shows:

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When do most people listen to our shows?

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