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HITM for 10-20-17 Students Helping NAPA Horses, Equine Heaves Study, Trade Pig for Tack- by Kentucky Performance Products

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products edition Emmalee Casillas student advisor at Napa’s Vintage High School shares how students at the school are helping horses displaced by wildfires, Jay tells us about the cool headless horseman experiences available at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and Dr. Andrews puts a call out for horses to participate in an equine heaves study. Bad ads features a pony that has not been carted. Listen in…

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HITM for 10-18-17 by – Oldenburg Inspections, Cooper’s Hill Equine, and Horse Adventures in Guatemala

Stacey Steiner out in Arizona paid us a visit. She is the Arizona liaison for the Oldenburg Registry North America. James from Cooper Hill Equine in Ireland called into the show from his trip to Boston. And, Katie with Join Up and Lead Up International shared her adventures in Guatemala. Bruce Wawrzyniak from Now Hear This Entertainment visited the HRN studios from Valrico. And, Jamie gave us Teenage Equestrian Social Media Drama and read a Chapter 10 from Lisa Wysocky’s Opium Equation. Listen in…

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HITM for 10-13-17 Dress My Horse App, Join-Up & Long Lining Courses, Nappy Gelding – by Kentucky Performance Products

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products edition we pose some new monikers for the 4Star Event in Lexington, KY in light of the newly announced presenting sponsor – Land Rover. In the spirit of an App for everything Niel tells us about Dress My Horse App, Debbie Loucks shares the story of her first project horse and courses at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in Solvang, CA. Bad ads features a nappy gelding for lease and a mobile chicken coop. Listen in…

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HITM for 10-09-17 – Book of Miniature Horses, Claire from Ireland, Horse Nation, Kayla on OTTB Challenge – by Omega Alpha Equine

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition we start our around the world adventure with The Big Book of Miniature Horses author Kendra Gale before heading off to Ireland for a chat with Monty Roberts Certified Trainer Claire Connaghan.  Leslie Wylie reports on her first Preliminary horse trials on Princess the Pony and Kayla Muller recounts her adventures with Freshman Phenom at the Thoroughbred Makeover in Lexington, KY.  At the finish its Teenage Social Media Drama UK Edition.  Listen in…

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HITM for for 10-06-2017 by KPP.USA – Disney’s Animals: Marianas Birds, Cotton Top Tamarin, Purple Martin, Gorillas, Elephants and Bees, Butterflies, Sea Turtles

The 2nd Annual Disney Episode as we chat with lots of amazing members of  the dedicated team that care for the animals at Animal Kingdom park and who help in their animal outreach programs around the world. Thanks to Robin Walker, Zoological Manager at Disney’s Tri-Circle D Ranch, Dr. Deidre Fontenot, Dr. Anne Savage, Rachel Daneault, Dr. Joseph Soltis, Dr. Zak Gezon, and Rachel Smith for just blowing our minds with your knowledge and enthusiasm for helping animals and people around the world.  Listen in…

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Draft Horse Journal Presents Equine Therapist Anne Hildreth Nisley and Justin Hussey of White Mountain Percherons by The 2018 World Clydesdale Show for 10-05-17

On today’s Draft Horse Journal episode, equine chiropractor (and busy nurse & mom) Anne Hildreth Nisley, of Top Notch Equine in Altoona, Iowa, discusses her growing business and some of the cases she’s treated. Horseman, dairy farmer and cheese marketing genius Justin Hussey, White Mountain Percherons, North Conway, New Hampshire, explains his family history with Percheron horses and how he and his family use their horses to promote their products. This is to this episode brought to you courtesy of the 2018 World Clydesdale Show….

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HITM 10-02-17 – Lisa’s 1st Hunter Pace, Denise Live from India, Therapeutic Riding Championships by Omega Alpha

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition in studio guest Lisa Kelly tells us about her first Hunter Pace at Little Everglades Ranch, Denise Heinlein comes to us live from India to share the work she and others are doing after taking Monty Roberts courses at Flag is Up Farms.  Susie Webb tells us about the 2017 Therapeutic Riding Championships coming up at the PA National Horse Show and Equestrian Teenage Social Media Drama provides comedic relief.  Listen in…

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HITM for 09-29-17 – Gabriella Live from Dubai, Top Notch Palomino Horse, International Podcast Day – by Kentucky Performance Products

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products edition Glenn explains International Podcast Day, Jamie has the latest on Zara’s equine emergency, Monty Roberts Certified Instructor Gabriella Kaylin calls in live from Dubai and bad ads features a top notch Palomino gelding and a genial big roan horse. Plus Equestrian First World Problems. Listen in…

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HITM for 09-27-17 by for 09-27-17 – Horses Don’t Lie, Equestrian’s Favorite Podcasts, The Opium Equation Ch. 7

On today’s edition listeners call in to tell us what they love about podcasts and their favorite shows, Jamie & Glenn discover just how unlikable they really are, Sally has the latest from Heels Down Magazine and we listen to chapter 7 of The Opium Equation where we find horse trainer Cat Enright embroiled in some serious barn drama. Listen in…

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HITM for 09-25-17 by Omega Alpha Equine – Caribbean Horses In Need After Irma, Miguel Lupiano on Join-Up, Central Park Horse Show

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition we chat with Shelley Blodgett from Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare about efforts to help horses in hurricane ravaged BVI and Puerto Rico.  Monty Roberts certified instructor Miguel Lupiano talks about a variety of awesome courses you can sign up for at Flag Is Up Farms this fall and in the Wacky World of Horse Nation report Leslie takes aim at the Central Park Horse Show.  Listen in…

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HITM for 09-22-17- Horse Girl Hero Surrey Westrupp, Three Minis And A Horse, Melting Chicken, The Opium Equation Ch. 6 – by Kentucky Performance Products

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products edition Glenn puts out a PSA about refrigerators and storm preparations, Surrey Westrupp tells us about how she helped folks in the Keys stay in touch and get help during the recent hurricane, and bad ads features Three Minis and A Horse. In this week’s chapter of The Opium Equation Cat reluctantly confronts a client.  Listen in…

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