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Category: Chasing a Fox

Chasing a Fox Episode 12 by Foxhunting Life – Chasing AETA, the Winter Edition

Sissi and Helena chat about the new, exciting, and not-so-exciting things they found at the winter gathering of the American Equestrian Trade Association. They visited Tucker Tweed, Shires, Sprenger, Fleck, Ariat, Harbor Sweets, and more. Plus, don’t miss the story about Good Guys, Sexy Girls, and Platesful of Fortune Cookies. The adventures never end, listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 11 by OnTyte – Aiken Hunt Week

Barbara Nelson, Joint MFH of Whiskey Road Foxhounds in South Carolina, fills us in on the Whiskey Road Foxhounds wonderful week of hunting, socializing, and southern hospitality. This year’s Hunt Week runs February 5 – 13, 2014. Listen in for our chat with Barbara and start thinking about a road trip! Listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 10 by OnTyte – Dennis Foster Loves Foxhunting

Lt. Col. Dennis Foster, Executive Director of the Masters of Foxhounds of Association (MFHA), joins Helena and Sissi to pick his brain about what he does, why fox hunting is so special, and how important it is to encourage everyone to try it at least once. As Dennis says, “Foxhunting has a place for everyone!” Listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 9 by OnTyte – Consignment Fashion for the Field

Mia Woodford, proprietor of The Vintage Tack Room, tells us about the clothing she consigns in her store and ships all over the world. From hunting frocks, to gloves, moleskin stock ties, and other goodies she really has a great selection of hunting apparel and appointments at awesome prices. Plus, we introduce a new segment to the show for folks who are new to fox hunting, ribbons in the tail. Listen in and learn a little today!

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Chasing a Fox Episode 8 by OnTyte – Queen for a Day

Hear the story of Nikki Lambert, a dressage rider in New Jersey, who decides to try fox hunting on her 3rd level Thoroughbred mare with Monmouth Hunt on their Opening Day. Plus, it was a big weekend for Sissi and Helena with George Morris in town and all the glitz and glamour of their Hunt Ball. Tune in and find out…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 7 by Sparkle and Boom – The Vintage Fox

Nina Fox, proprietor of The Vintage Fox, a unique business offering vintage jewelry and objects d’art for horse and hound enthusiasts join Helena and Sassi. Nina’s finds are truly exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces. Plus, we talk about formal frock coats for men and women. Listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 6 by Sparkle and Boom – Clever with Leather

Sissi and Helena talk with Master Saddler, Claire Painter, of Clever with Leather. Claire is based in Versailles Kentucky, where she runs her saddle-fitting business and chats about a different side of the business of working with leather – namely, the very clever accessories every fox hunter should know about. Plus, catch up with Sissi’s hunting adventures this week as the hunting was fast and fun, especially during these brisk New England days. Listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 3 by Sparkle and Boom – Covertside

Sissi and Helena chat with Covertside publisher, Emily Esterson. Covertside is a beautifully produced magazine for foxhunters made possible by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. Not only is Covertside an expert source for news and information, it provides readers with delicious articles about all that goes on in the life of us foxhunting fools! Listen in…

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Chasing a Fox Episode 2 by Sparkle and Boom – Fabulous Finds from AETA

Chasing a Fox has Sissi and Helena wandering around the American Equestrian Trade Association show held in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, looking for new and interesting items our fox hunting friends will appreciate. This is the first time Helena and Sissi have traveled to Pennsylvania without going horse shopping. Although Helena did get to ride a $60,000 horse in her bare feet! Listen in…

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