EP 9: The Perfect Boarding Barn with Terry Golson

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Stall and Stable

Many of us have had to board our horses at one point or another. And, I bet many of you, like me, have had good experiences and bad experiences. If we’re lucky, we learn from both, so that ultimately, we have more good experiences than bad ones. In truth, there is no perfect boarding barn – just like there are no perfect boarders. But you know, things don’t have to be perfect to be ideal. 

In this episode, we explore the concept (or is it fantasy) of the perfect boarding barn with Terry Golson of the Cooperative Horse. Terry is a lifelong horsewoman who combines classic horsemanship with a reward-focused methodology to create enthusiastic and conflict-free partnerships between horses and riders. She joins me today to talk about how we can find (and create) the ideal boarding situation for our horses and ourselves. Listen in!

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