EP 21: A Compassionate Equestrian

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Stall and Stable

In our continuing series on books we recommend for your stable’s  library, we discover a new horse training program called The Compassionate Equestrian. The book, The Compassionate Equestrian, co-authored by Susan Gordon and Dr. Allen Schoen, DVM, MS, describes the 25 principles that compassionate equestrians use as a guide to create healthy, happy, and productive relationships with their horses. 

One such equestrian is today’s guest: Melissa Deal, an upper-level dressage rider, instructor, and trainer. Melissa has an impressive academic and experiential background, so we are thrilled to chat with her about how living and working with the 25 principles of Compassionate Equitation can improve your horse’s attitude, help you achieve your riding and training goals, and create a more harmonious relationship with your horse. Listen in!

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