Episode 2: When Europe Calls… Ali Potasky on Working, Riding and Training in Denmark

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Dressage Today Podcast

If you’ve ever fantasized about jetting off to Europe to pursue your dressage dreams, this episode is for you! Podcast host Lindsay Paulsen sat down with young Grand Prix rider Ali Potasky to learn about her time abroad, where she worked, rode and trained with Morten Thomsen in central Denmark. Now that Ali is back in the U.S. working for Kentucky-based Kathy Priest as her assistant trainer, she took the time to reflect on her experiences with us. We dive into training and philosophical lessons Ali took from Morten and some surprising similarities (and differences!) in equestrian culture. Ali brings a humble, refreshing perspective to life in the upper echelons of dressage.

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