EP 24: Itchy Horse Professionals

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Stall and Stable

I think we’ve all experienced that dreaded moment when your farrier says, “I have bad news; I’m moving to the moon.” Ha! It doesn’t matter where she or he is moving, if they can’t take care of your horses feet anymore, they may as well be moving to the moon. Your heart sinks, you start to sweat, and then the real panic sets in. Where on earth am I going to find someone as good?!

Or maybe you run a boarding barn and you stall mucker showed up late one too many times for her own good. Where do you start? Craigslist? Indeed? Your local paper? Just the thought of all this logistical malarkey is enough to make any horse person break out in hives. And that’s what we are talking about today – a new online service that connects horse owners with horse professionals.

Oh, and we’ve got something to say about hives, as well. If you’ve ever handled hay and walked away with itchy, screaming hives, you don’t want to miss this episode, so listen in!

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