Episode 7- Relaxed women revolution, what a thought!

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Take the Reins

I recorded this one for all the women out there who I know are struggling to feel relaxed with and without their horses. I was inspired to record this shortly after attending a speaking event where I had the privilege of listening to Elizabeth Gilbert speak. Her talk sparked so many lights inside me and connected so many dots between what I see women needing help with everywhere and how it applied ten fold to horse women because the benefits of learning how to relax have a massive impact on their work with their horses and themselves and, in turn, everyone they interact with. 

Elizabeth Gilbert discussed the impact she believes women learning and being able to be described as relaxed would have on the world. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t help but picture a world full of relaxed women and then I thought of the impact it would have on the horse world! Talk about an impact! 

In this episode I speak about a method I have personally used to train my mind and body to relax and in turn the impact it had on me in a situation that would have normally left me feeling stressed or upset at the end of my day. I discuss the difference between relaxed and rested about how both states serve us.
(Pre-recorded in October 2019)

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