Small question, BIG answer!

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Take the Reins

Happy New Year everyone! Look out 2020! If you are listening on the day this episode is released, the LAST day of 2019, thank you for choosing to spend a portion of your precsious time left in this year with me. I truly believe this episode has the power to help you to begin to overcome the stress and worry that so often haunts us during the holidays. If you are finding your way to this episode anytime after its release date, I hope 2020 is treating you well and that this episode helps make it one of your best years yet! 

In this episode I get a little personal about something that I am the least confident and experienced in my life and how, if I let it, it could have RUINED my ability to see the joy of Christmas with my friends and family. I share with you a simple way to find grace in your heart and move through any situation, whether it be at Christmas, in the arena, at work and everywhere in between more present and conscious. 

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