Training and Care: How to Improve Our Horses’ Welfare

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Ask the Horse

Sometimes we as horse people get stuck in our traditions and habits or are influenced by mythology and marketing. But is there a better way? Join our host, Michelle Anderson, as she interviews Dr. Camie Heleski of the University of Kentucky. You’ll learn about how equine welfare plays an important part in training and managing horses, how  equine welfare is measured, improvements we can make to our horses’ housing and lifestyles in order to improve their wellbeing, and much more.

Dr. Camie Heleski is an instructor and adviser in the University of Kentucky equine science and management program. Previously, she worked at Michigan State University, where she was the two-year horse management program coordinator for 25 years. Her applied research interests include equine behavior and welfare, horse-human interactions, and working equids in the world’s developing regions. She’s currently president of the International Society for Equitation Science and has served as scientific chair for the National Farm Animal Care Council’s Canadian equine welfare code committee. Her equine research and outreach efforts have taken her to Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Egypt, and Mali. She enjoys dressage with her Arabian gelding, MSU Ducati.

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