The Art of Charro Horsemanship

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Horse Nutrition

​Charro performances are a tradition that dates back to 17th century Spain and has influenced many cultures, including American cowboys. This episode features the show’s most celebrated performer, Jerry Diaz, who discusses what’s expected of charro horses and how he helps mold them into incredibly respectful and responsive athletes. 

This is part of Purina’s Full Rein series. To see charro horses and other extraordinary equines in action, visit for documentary films, interviews and podcasts. 

Guests and Links – The Art of Charro Horsemanship

  • Host:  Lisa Wysocky, Author and Clinician
  • Guest: Charro Jerry Diaz of Charro Jerry Diaz
  • Guest: Karen Davison, PhD, Director of Equine Technical Solutions at Purina
  • Visit: You can take part in a feed trial, to learn more about that, just go to Purina.
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