119: Underestimated Mares, Ragdoll Cats, and Overweight Dogs

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Healthy Critters

On today's show we ask why mares are often underestimated, breed of the show is the rag doll cat, in critter nutrition we offer tips for the overweight dog and in coffee klatch we ask If Your Horse or Dog was a Human, What Would be His or Her Favorite Beverage?

Guests and Links:

  • Co-Hosts:  Tigger Montague from BiostarUS and Pati Pieucci from from Pierucci Dressage
  • Photo Credit: Healthy Critters Radio
  • Guest: Hedwig
  • Breed of Show: Rag Doll Cats
  • Critter Nutrition Corner: Tips for the Overweight Dog
  • Coffee Klatch: If your horse or dog was a human, what would be his or her beverage of choice?
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