Equestrian Roundtable with Helena, Nikki and Jaclyn for Jan 13, 2021

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Stable Scoop

Our topics include “Horsemanship a Priority”, “Competing While Working Full Time”, “Showing Up for Our Horses” and “Future of Equestrians”.  Panelists include Helena Harris, host of the Stall and Stable Podcast; Nikki Porter, host of the Take the Reins podcast; and Auditor Jaclyn Burke of Burke Equestrian.  Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 512:


Welcome to the new format of the Stable Scoop Podcast. Stable Scoop was the first show on the HRN 12 years ago. It has had a few transformations over the years. This is the first episode of the Roundtable format.

This might at times be more serious than the shows you are used to hearing Glenn on. But I promise any politics we discuss will be horse related and have nothing to do with Wash DC. Mostly what we will take about will be our lives with horses, whether your a professional rider or a backyard horse owner like me.

Glenn will be your host and moderator and am sure that he will have opinions occasionally but mostly the panelists will lead the way.

This will be the first show that we are combining live video and also audio out to the podcast feed. So, if you miss any of this watching live, you can catch the recording on the Stable Scoop Podcast feed on any podcast player.

The show will be live every other Wednesday night at 7:30 pm Eastern.

We will have three panelists, two podcast hosts or industry leaders and one HRN listener.

Tonight, Joining us for this roundtable today are Host of the Stall and Stable podcast and my first co-host on the HRN here on the Stable Scoop show, Helena Harris.  Host of the Take the Reins podcast, representing Canada, Nikki Porter.  And, representing our listeners, one of our terrific Auditors Jaclyn Burke, an eventer from Hablyn Hills Stable is a located in Damascus, MD.


1. Jaclyn: Horsemanship – How do we make horse care a priority?
2. Helena: Challenges of showing/competing when you’re an adult with a full time job.
3. Nikki: Responsible Leadership – What training do we need to show up fairly for our horses?

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