Season 2 Episode 11: Interview with Michelle King

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Dressage Today Podcast

In this episode, sponsored by ADM, co-hosts Stephanie Ruff and Aviva Nebesky talk about their latest dressage adventures. Aviva answers a great question about where riders throw away the most points during a test in her “Ask the L” segment.

Together they interview Michelle King who is a “r” USEF Technical Delegate. Michelle, better known as “Shelli,” is an Adult Amateur rider who has competed through 2nd level. She has been on VADA/Nova’s Board of Directors since 2004, including a three-year stint as president, is currently Vice President of the Virginia Dressage Association and serves on the USDF’s TD Committees, is Vice Chair of the USDF’s Rules Advisory Working Group and a member of the USEF Rules Advisory Working Group. She has been a USDF PM delegate on and off for a number of years.

Michelle retired in 2010 after working for the federal government for over 30 years. For most of her career, she worked at a federal law enforcement agency, serving as an HR program manager and the Associate Chief Counsel for Administration. She finds her legal training and mediation experience most useful for her role as a TD. In that capacity, she has travelled from Massachusetts to Florida and loves the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow horse enthusiasts.

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