How Hair Extensions for Horses Led Chanel Rhodes to Her True Purpose

by | Aug 10, 2021 | The Leadline

#13 – Chanel Rhodes is a self-described “artsy-fartsy” equestrian entrepreneur who loves putting her crafty juices to good use! 

During a video shoot with her fiancé in 2019, Chanel concocted a colorful hairpiece for her mare, Lady, to wear in her mane to give her an extra pop of color. The concept was quick to gain popularity amongst Chanel's friends and family, who encouraged her to take her products to market and pursue the business now known as Mane Tresses.

As is the case with all prototypes, the product needed a good deal of refinement before it was ready to sell. After many frustrating attempts (and countless trips to the barn), Chanel finally mastered her creation. 

Tune in as she shares her story about how developing her unique hairpieces for horses allowed her to discover her true purpose and what she learned along the way about building a business around your passion.

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