EP 86: Happy Horsekeeping with Endurance Champ, Karen Chaton

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Stall and Stable

This episode is brought to you by Load Trailer trailers.

We’re back with another episode in the HRN Host Series on Happy Horsekeeping. This time Helena is joined by endurance pro, and host of Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning, Karen Chaton, from Nevada.  The saying goes: “If you ask ten different horse people how to do something, you will get 10 different answers.” Helena puts that old adage to the test and asks ten different horse people their opinions about what qualifies for happy horsekeeping. Those ten people happen to be her Horse Radio Network colleagues – all horse professionals of some sort, and all with a similar horse-first philosophy when it comes to keeping, training, and competing their horses. In this episode, you’ll hear how Endurance champ, Karen Chaton, keeps her horses happy and healthy. Listen in!

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