151: The Amazing Tulsi Plant, Best Rain Gear, Olympic Lessons, by Biostar US

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Healthy Critters

We discuss what we can learn by watching the Winter Olympic Sports. Patipedia is all about rain gear. In Critter Nutrition, we focus on the benefits of the Tulsi plant. And, in Coffee Klatch we ask what category in the Academy Awards would your dog, cat, or horse be nominated in? Listen in…

Guests and Links:

  • Co-Hosts:  Tigger Montague from BiostarUS and Pati Pieucci from from Pierucci Dressage
  • Photo source: royalty free image​
  • Patipedia: Best Rain Gear
  • Critter Nutrition: Tulsi: one of the foundation plants in Ayurvedic medicine
  • Coffee Klatch: The academy award nominations were recently released. If you dog or cat or horse's life is a movie, what category would he/she be nominated in: best actor/actress, best original screenplay, best director/best movie of the year?
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