The Magic of Using Automation in Your Business with Lindsey Ardmore

by | Feb 8, 2022 | The Leadline

#26 – Are you spending too much time on mundane tasks in your business? It’s easy to get comfortable doing what you’ve always done, especially when it’s worked well in the past. Could it be time to update your processes for the sake of your customers and your bank account?

In this episode, Lindsey Ardmore (The Automated Vet) joins the show to talk about how horse business owners and equine professionals can take a few simple steps to gain more freedom while simultaneously growing your business profits and keeping your customers happy at the same time.

You'll hear from Lindsey:

  • Why every business professional should consider using automated systems
  • The one thing everyone should automate FIRST (it might not be what you think)
  • Which platforms Lindsey personally uses on a daily business

Connect with Lindsey Ardmore of The Automated Vet below:

Instagram: @lindseyardmore
Facebook: /theautomatedvet


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