How Equestrian Riding Tights are Promoting Body Positivity and Mental Health Awareness with Lela Reynolds

by | Mar 8, 2022 | The Leadline

#28 – Lela Reynolds is the powerhouse behind Cavaliere Couture, a line of athletically inspired equestrian wear for the stylish rider that strongly advocates for body positivity, self-care, and mental health.

In this episode, Lela shares the story of how wearing her yoga pants to the barn one day inspired her to create a line of riding tights to help riders be more comfortable in the saddle.  She also gives listeners a glimpse into her struggle with Cushing's disease, how this has impacted her as a rider, and why promoting body positivity is such an important part of her brand messaging. 

Tune in to hear this inspirational message of why being your true self always wins no matter what others may say.

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Connect with Lela:

Company Website:
Company Instagram: @cavalierecouture
Personal Instagram: @_lelaalice_


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