Developing a Mobile App for Your Horse Business with India Wilkinson

by | Apr 19, 2022 | The Leadline

#031 – If you have a smartphone, you’re probably using a variety of mobile apps on a daily basis.  We use apps like Facebook, email, text messaging, music and so much more – there's an app out there for virtually everything! 

Meet India Wilkinson, an everyday equestrian and horse owner whose business concept began with a dream to create a better place to buy and sell horses online. India takes us through her own horse shopping journey that had her driving from state to state searching for the perfect horse, only to become increasingly frustrated at the lack of ability to search through online listings in an effective manner.  

You'll learn:

  • The minimum amount of money needed to hire an app developer if you aren't doing it yourself
  • Why finding a US-based developer was important to India even though it was more expensive 
  • The importance of continuing to connect with your audience while taking notes on what they need and are asking from you

Tune in to hear everything India has learned through the development of her buy/sell/search app, Mane Street Market, along with tips to help you determine if developing an app is the right move for you.

Connect with India Wilkinson & download the Mane Street Market app:

Instagram: @manestreetmarket
Facebook: /manestreetmarket


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