Endurance: Tevis Winner Gabriela Blakely, Jennifer Kaplan and Vet Checks for August 9, 2022

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Horses in the Morning

Tevis Winner Gabriela Blakely, the mother of the 2019 Champion, tells us all about her adventures in America's toughest endurance race.  Jennifer Kaplan chares her experiences as she tied for first (with Kelly Stoneburner) at the Big Horn 100 in Wyoming.  Plus, the Endurance Tip includes some tips for how to prepare yourself for your first vet check.  Listen in…

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 2993  – Show Notes and Links:


02:20 – Tevis Stats

12:30 – Endurance Tip

21:52 – Kristen – Distance Depot

27:50 – Jennifer Kaplan

40:00 – Gabriela Blakely

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