Equine Affaire: The Entertainers of Fantasia for August 18, 2022

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Horses in the Morning

Equine Affaire Episode: We shed a little light on the magic of Fantasia, Equine Affaire's musical celebration of the horse!  Join us as we chat with three of the stars of this fall's Fantasia: Laura Benson of the Knights of Iceland; Terry Jenkins of the Canadian Cowgirls; and Caleb Carinci-Asch, The Daring Horseman.   Listen In….

 HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3001– Show Notes and Links:


04:20 – Laura Benson
18:00 – Caleb Carinci-Asch
36:20 – Terry Jenkins
52:30 – Auditor Post Show


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