Rodeo – The Best of Them All

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Equestrian Adventuresses

How many rodeos have you been to? Have you attended any of the big eight in the world? Did you know that rodeo is the official state sport in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas? The province of Alberta is also looking to pass legislation that will make Rodeo their official sport. In today’s EQA # 275 we are talking about the top rodeo in the world, from the USA and Canada all the way to France. These aren’t your small-town rodeos either these are major productions with not only rodeo events but full-scale stock shows, wild west shows, concerts much more. We learn it all from the attendees to the hundreds of volunteers that make these events happen. From January to December there are lots of rodeos to attend.

Full show notes—the-best-of-them-all/

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