89: HRN Big Announcement, Road to the TB Makeover, The Gaited Standardbred, and Toll Call Lake by Kentucky Performance Products

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Retired Racehorse Radio

We’ve made it! It’s time for the Thoroughbred Makeover at The Kentucky Horse Park. We’re excited to give you the inside scoop of what to look forward to, and we have our final fireside chat with the Making the Makeover series riders on how they’re preparing for the big day. Before we dive into all of the fun, we’re joined by Glenn Hebert, founder of Horse Radio Network, for a big announcement. Then we wrap everything up with Winnie Morgan Nemeth from New Vocations and introduce you to our Adoptable Horse of the Week. Stay tuned!

Retired Racehorse Radio Guests and Links Episode 89:

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