S2. Ep 43 Andrea Cline

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Money Barrel

Andrea Cline has dedicated her life to her passion of training barrel horses. She is a BBR 1D World Champion, TX Circuit Finals qualifier, multiple time futurity champ and her horses are known for going on and winning after they leave her program. She has ridden horses for some of the best in the industry like Charmayne James and Molly Powell and continues to train top level horses today. Her story isn’t without its ups and downs however, and she has had to overcome some serious obstacles to be able to do what she is doing today. Her story is one of motivation, dedication and the will to succeed and we were grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with her at the Pink Buckle (you will hear some background sound but we had the opportunity to sit down outside of her stalls and enjoy the weather, we couldn’t pass it up!). Enjoy!

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