170 by Biostar US: Effects of Anger & Frustration Around Our Horses, Reduce Trailering Stress

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Healthy Critters

Today we chat about controlling anger and frustration, critter of the show is the African Grey Parrot,  in critter nutrition the focus is on reducing the effects of travel stress in horses.  Everyone, including Hedwig, weighs in on their favorite  stress reducing comfort food.

Guests and Links:

  • Co-Hosts:  Tigger Montague from BiostarUS and Pati Pieucci from from Pierucci Dressage
  • Featured Image: Biostar US, Healthy Critters Radio
  • Ask Hedwig
  • Breed of the Show: The African Grey Parrot
  • Learn more about Whole Food Supplements for your horse and dog's optimal health at Biostar US

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