EP 106: Raising Horses in an R+ Environment

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Stall and Stable

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The way we keep horses is changing. As technology and research discover more things about horses that help us humans understand their needs better, our farms, barns, and methods need to shift a bit in order to leverage this new information so we keep our horses happy and sound far longer than in another time in history.

Positive reinforcement training is more than just shaping behaviors – it’s rooted in the principle that our work with horses must center around what is best for the horse. Today’s guest is Jessie Hillegas, warmblood breeder, R+ trainer, and owner of Edgewood Stable in Williamsport, PA. Jessie is also a driving force behind Shawna Karrasch Equine – the gold standard in positive reinforcement training for horses. Helena and Jessie talk about how Jessie keeps her high-level horses safe and happy while still ensuring their innate needs as horses are met. Listen in!

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