93: New Vocations Limited Horse Panel with After The Races, Rogallo and Stanfield by Kentucky Performance Products

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Retired Racehorse Radio

Today we have partnered with New Vocations to bring you an amazing panel discussion on the limited horse. We’re joined by aftercare and thoroughbred training experts, Leandra Cooper (New Vocations), and Bonnie McRae, (After the Races), and veterinary professionals, Dr. Sarah Escaro (Hagyard) and Dr. Morgan Adams (Unionville Equine Association) to highlight the limited horse and discuss what is a limited horse (exactly), what post-race careers are suitable for the limited horse, and why a limited horse may actually be the retired racer you’re looking for. Not just that, we share our horsey holiday must-haves, and how you can give back this holiday season. Last but not least, we share with you not one, but TWO, adoptable horses – stay tuned…

Retired Racehorse Radio Guests and Links Episode 93:

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