EP 108: Conversations with a Backcountry Vet

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Stall and Stable

Brought to you by: AMERICAN STALLS

In this episode of the Stall and Stable Show, Helena talks with beloved equine veterinarian, Dr. Madison Seamans. The conversation covers everything from what its like treating horses in the mountains of New Mexico, to natural selection, differences in horsekeeping between urban and rural environments, and advances in science that can help reduce the number of breakdowns of racing thoroughbreds.

Dr. Seamans is that unique combination of super intelligent, wise, kind, and humble professional. These qualities make him not only a trusted veterinarian, but a great teacher and storyteller. His devotion to improving the lives of horses and the people who love them is part of his greater purpose. So listen in to this episode, where you will learn, laugh, and enjoy the magic of Madison!

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