A LOT of Brazile from 2023 AZ Royal Crown, Plus Holcomb, Kirchenschlager and Warken

by | Feb 16, 2023 | The Score

Trevor Brazile handily won four ropings at the 2023 Royal Crown Roping Futurity in Buckeye, Arizona, riding three horses to those titles. In this episode of The Score, host Chelsea Shaffer talks to Brazile on the grounds after each win, covering the strong points of each horse’s performance and what it takes to win on young horses at this level.

Plus, Andy Holcomb talks about Fine Vintage Cash, the mare he won the All-Ages heeling aboard, Dakota Kirchenschlager gets REAL about what it takes to make a great horse like Test My Metal and Vaughn Warken gets emotional about what JT Risin Sensation has meant to his family in advance of the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio.

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