Top 5 Things You Can Do with Horses by Redingote Equestrian.

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Adulting with Horses

Welcome to our bucket list episode! On episode 18 of Adulting with Horses, brought to you by Redingote Equestrian, Heather Wallace and Natalie Keller Reinert discuss the Horse Nation article about lesson riders and their take on whether they are undesireable. Then, we get down and dirty with our clubhouse to discuss all the things they want to do with their horses if they had the chance. Heather and Natalie chime in with their own wish lists as always and have a huge laugh. (Heather even snorts, and Natalie is apparently from a famous family). Don’t forget to subscribe to Adulting with Horses to hear new episodes first and join our private Facebook clubhouse, where you get to be part of our fun.

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