Spring Hoof-Keeping, Making the Makeover 2023, Introducing Pole Work, Smokey Joe’s Cafe by Kentucky Performance Products

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Retired Racehorse Radio

We’re all familiar with spring cleaning but what about spring hoof-keeping? We connect with Alicia Harlov, a farrier herself and host of the Humble Hoof podcast, on how to keep your horse’s hooves happy and healthy between seasonal changes. With Thoroughbred Makeover contestants starting to begin their retraining journeys with their horses, we are excited to bring you another class of Making the Makeover participants! Today we will introduce our first two contestants, Melissa Meitzen and Adrianna Nannini, and get a glimpse into their hopes for this year’s Makeover. Last but never least, we are joined by Winnie Morgan Nemeth from New Vocations to bring us another adoptable horse. Stay tuned!

Retired Racehorse Radio Guests and Links Episode 101:

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