S3 Ep. 15 Dr. Melissa Fenn – E.I.P.H. and Lasix

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Money Barrel

When we released our Patreon subscriber exclusive episode a few months ago and asked our listeners what veterinary questions they wanted to have answered – there were countless questions about bleeding and Lasix usage. We decided to have an entire podcast focused on that topic alone for all of our listeners and here it is!

Dr. Melissa Fenn is an internal medicine specialist at Littleton Equine Medical Center and we have personally had horses go through her treatment and knew she was the perfect person to discuss this topic with. Around the barn its called bleeding, but Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage is a battle most barrel racers deal with and it’s a hot topic on the best way to manage, treat and prevent it. We value and appreciate Dr. Fenn’s time and sharing her knowledge with us on this episode and hope you learn as much as we did.

As always with these types of episodes, our goal is to share education on the topic but please always refer to your veterinarian for treatment for your horses.

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