NASCAR Driver Spencer Boyd

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Cowboy Entrepreneur

This week’s episode is about a different kind of horsepower! NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Spencer Boyd has always lived life in the fast lane. Before becoming a teen, he had already won an amazing 12 World Karting Association Championships. At 14, Boyd moved to the larger and faster Legends Cars, winning 23 of his 43 starts. In 2014, Spencer Boyd accepted a much taller challenge when he moved to competing at Hickory Motor Speedway. He went on to win his first 6 starts and 8 of his first ten starts, eventually winning the 2014 Hickory Motor Speedway Super Truck Championship. In 2016 Spencer made the jump to NASCAR, never having to look in his rearview mirror. He shares with Scott how hard work and dedication are paying off in the long run.

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