Miss Rodeo Canada / Socially Alicia Founder: Alicia Erickson

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Cowboy Entrepreneur

This week we’re tipping our hats to Alicia Erickson, the 2019-2022 Miss Rodeo Canada, who turned her childhood dream into a reality. Alicia, inspired by her mother’s rodeo queen legacy, earned her crown after years of dedication to rodeo, all culminating at the 2019 Canadian Finals Rodeo. But Alicia’s reign wasn’t without its twists and turns, eventually extending to two years! At the end of her reign she launched “Socially Alicia,” an online business where she shares her Western lifestyle and rodeo expertise as a social media influencer and coach. She tells Scott all about her journey, resilience, and latest venture, proving that the rodeo spirit endures, both in and out of the arena.

For more information about Alicia Erickson, please visit:

Instagram: @sociallyalicia

#aliciaerickson #sociallyalicia

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