S3 Ep. 24 Anything and Everything with Ashley Schafer

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Money Barrel

A few weeks back, at the Royal Crown Horse Sale – Kayla spent the evening with one of everyone’s favorite trainers, Ashley Schafer, just discussing, well, everything. Ashley is one of our most requested guests and we thought this would be a fun episode with her. From payouts to ground conditions, exhibitions and mental strength, thoughts on incentives and social media madness and more. They had an idea to do it again but this time hit the record button for our podcast. DISCLAIMER – This episode is opinion based and is more like sitting around a table with two friends discussing industry topics. Hopefully you enjoy and if you disagree that’s perfectly fine – we aren’t saying anyone is right or wrong, we are just discussing our thoughts.

This weeks episode is brought to you by ADM’s Forage First GLO Feed!

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