The Short Score: Mountain States Circuit Finals Champs

by | Oct 24, 2023 | The Score

The swing of circuit finals is still well underway with the Columbia River Circuit Finals in Redmond, Oregon, and the Mountain States Circuit Finals in Loveland, Colorado, having wrapped up Oct. 19-21.

In Redmond,Jeff FlennikenandJake Minorwere 24.2 seconds on three head to win the circuit finals. Garrett Rogers andTyler Worleyboth took home the year-end titles.

In the Mountain States Circuit, Zane Murphy and Dusty Taylor were also 24.2 seconds on three head to win the average at their circuit finals.Clayton Van AkenandCullen Tellertook home the year-end titles.

On this episode of The Short Score, we introduce you to Murphy and Taylor, the first-time Mountain States Circuit Finals champs. We bring you some insight into who they are, how their weekend went and what the win means to them.


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