S3 Ep. 34 Grant and Rayel Little

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Money Barrel

If there is a combination of names on a set of papers that has set the barrel racing world on fire, it is Dash Ta Fame with Blazin Jetolena crossed with Lady Perks, in some fashion. What do these names have in common with one of the best mares running today – MJ Segers Fast Lane? They are apart of Grant and Rayel Little’s impact on the industry. Grant and Rayel Little might have been one of the leading factors behind why Busby Quarter Horses invested in Blazin Jetolena and they purchased the incredible broodmares GL Famous First Lady and Blazin Black Beauty from the Little program way back when, and now we are getting to watch Rollo, Benny, Emmitt and so many more set records today. Rayel is a 4X Canadian Rodeo Champion and is known still today for her time with Lady Perks – including their 3 Ponoka Stampede Championships and so much more. It was an honor to get to visit with Grant and Rayel on their program’s history, as well as what it looks like today, and being an owner of one of the most incredible mares running right now. We hope you enjoy this history filled episode and thank you all again for listening to us each and every episode of 2023 – we can’t wait to bring you more stories in 2024!

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