From Horse Curious to Horse Crazy: #Here4Horses for January 2, 2023 by the American Horse Council

by | Jan 2, 2024 | American Horse Council

There are 34 million horse enthusiasts in the United States, yet only 1.3% own a horse and 16%participate in the industry, but don’t own horses. How do we bridge the disconnect so thehorse industry can grow? This is the answer that the American Horse Council’s MarketingAlliance is hoping to find with their new initiative, “Here For Horses.” You’ve heard us sign offthat we’re #Here4Horses, but what does that mean? The Marketing Alliance’s Jen Grant andChristy Landwehr join Julie and guest co-host Emily to discuss this exciting vision as we kickoff 2024 and we try to take the horse curious and turn them horse crazy.

In the Legislative Update, Julie discusses the Biking on Long Distance Trails Act and the ExploreAct, which covers expanded long distance biking on trails and sharing trails and the effect ofsafety of multi-users on the trails.

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3334– Show Notes and Links:

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