Season 7 Premiere: Billie Jack Saebens’ Horse Market Report 2024

by | Jan 29, 2024 | The Score

In this episode of The Score from The Team Roping Journal, two-time NFR heeler Billie Jack Saebens delves into the intricacies of rope horse breeding programs, the dynamics of buying and selling rope horses, and the competitive landscape of rope horse futurities.

Saebens, drawing from his extensive experience, provides practical insights into the practicalities of rope horse breeding programs. Listeners gain an understanding of the process involved in selecting and pairing horses for optimal performance in the arena, offering a glimpse into the methodical world of creating high-quality rope horses.

The episode takes a pragmatic look at the nuances of buying and selling rope horses, with Saebens offering advice on what to consider when investing in a rope horse. From identifying essential attributes to navigating market dynamics, his guidance serves as a resource for both buyers and sellers in the rope horse industry.

Listeners are then led through the realm of rope horse futurities, gaining insights into the competitions that showcase up-and-coming stars of team roping. Saebens shares details on strategies, training approaches, and the thrilling moments that define these futurities, providing a comprehensive view of this segment of the sport.

Throughout the conversation, Saebens’ passion for team roping is evident, and his practical wisdom contributes to a narrative that resonates with listeners across experience levels. The episode aims to offer a straightforward exploration of the world of team roping, relying on Saebens’ experiences and genuine enthusiasm for the sport.

Whether seasoned ropers or newcomers to the arena, listeners are invited to tune in and gain practical insights into the heart of team roping culture. The Score from The Team Roping Journal, in this episode with Billie Jack Saebens, aims to be a valuable resource for those interested in the functional aspects of the roping community.

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