Relentless Remuda’s $83K Weekend, Plus Jeremy Buhler and Logan Anseth

by | Feb 15, 2024 | The Score

The Relentless Remuda’s Miles Baker won three Open Futurities at the Royal Crown in Buckeye, Arizona, outright, and Jeremy Buhler jump-rode Remuda stallion Pride And Joyy for the only other Open futurity there was to win Feb. 8-10. Baker also let Paul Eaves ride Remuda horse Gunners Nite Train for the Open Jackpot win. All told, the Remuda took home over $83,000 in two days, and this episode is a snapshot of each horse as we interviewed Baker after each class win.

The only two classes Baker didn’t win were the intermediate divisions, and Logan Anseth, the intermediate heeling champ, joins us as well.

This episode is presented by Fast Back Ropes’ Cobalt. The Cobalt is the rope Dakota Kirchenschlager used on the help side behind Baker for all those wins. The Cobalt is a perfect combination of poly and dyed nylon resulting in a highly durable rope. The Cobalt is medium in diameter and weight and will likely appeal to ropers who prefer more tip weight and less body or bounce.

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