Equine Affaire: All about Cowtown in Cooper!

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Horses in the Morning

In this episode, we’re chatting all about Cowtown in Cooper! Cowtown in Cooper is a fun new educational feature at Equine Affaire which is sponsored by Western Life Today. Cowtown in Cooper is happening on Friday and Saturday and it consists of clinics that are specifically about cow-oriented Western disciplines: roping, boxing, ranch sorting, reining, cutting, and more. In today’s show, we will chat with John Strayer, who is a long time employee of Equine Affaire and who came up with the whole idea, and then we’ll chat with one of our clinicians and learn all about breakaway roping. Let’s get a little Western.

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3391 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosted by: Allison Rehnborg of Equine Affaire and Glenn the Geek
  • Title Sponsor:Equine Affaire
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  • Guest: John Strayer
  • Guest: Dave Treharne
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