Keeping the Joy in Jumping, by Relyne GI

by | Mar 10, 2024 | The Show Jumping Podcast

Ever feel like you’ve lost the spark you once had for riding? This week on The Show Jumping Podcast, Kristy and Ashley are joined by the unforgettable Melanie Leiner (you might recall her wild grooming and, well, tooth-related adventure from episode five!). Together, they explore how getting involved with young riders can rekindle your passion for the sport. They delve into the differences between “back in our day” and the experiences of today’s youth, discuss how to rediscover the pure joy of riding through a youngster’s enthusiastic lens, and share tips on letting go of perfectionism to simply enjoy your time with your equine partner. Plus, get another clinic recap and answers to your burning questions! Tune in for a fun and inspiring episode that will have you eager to get back in the saddle!

Guests: Melanie Leiner

Clinic Highlight: Sarah Torra at SJH Equestrian LLC Canaan, NY

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