Jody Ramer: On Genuine Billy Cook Saddles, Making Great Rope Horses, Judging and More

by | Apr 11, 2024 | The Score

Jody Ramer is an American Quarter Horse Association Professional Horseman, World Champion, ARHFA Judge and professional saddlemaker for Genuine Billy Cook Saddles. He’s spent a lifetime perfecting all of these crafts, and in this episode he sits down with host Chelsea Shaffer to discuss how he applies all of those skills to his career at Billy Cook.

This episode is presented byGenuineBillyCookSaddles– the finest handmade saddles and tack, the fairest prices – world famous since 1953,BillyCooksaddles continue to be built in the USA by horsemen for horsemen. In 2020GenuineBillyCookwas revitalized and has been operating under a new business model aimed at producing the highest quality to ensure maximum performance while keeping true to western horsemanship traditions. The finest handmade saddles and tack, the fairest

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