Saddle Up for International Horse Shopping Part 1 – by Relyne GI

by | Apr 10, 2024 | The Show Jumping Podcast

Join Kristy, Ashley, and equine import expert Carolyn Curcio for an exclusive look behind the scenes! This episode will unveil the secrets of the international horse market, helping you understand:

  • Global Market Differences:How horse buying varies from country to country.
  • Pricing & Value:Factors that influence a horse’s cost and true worth.
  • Plus:A bonus training tip on lengthening your horse’s stride without force, and financial goal-setting insights.

Don’t miss this informative episode brought to you by Hagyard Pharmacy/Relyne GI!

About Carolyn Curcio: Fueled by the dream of a team gold medal, Carolyn’s journey began with a bronze medal win on Croft Temptation at the 2007 North American Young Riders Championships. She balanced a demanding academic schedule, double majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing with a minor in International Relations, while captaining their university’s equestrian team. Carolyn’s passion for horses led her to the UK to work for renowned riders Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton, all while continuing their studies. After producing champion horses at Sagamore Farm, Carolyn underwent surgeries and returned to the competitive scene with Lauren Hough. Now, with their own training base, Chiron Stables, they nurture young horses and chase their own competitive goals, with their ultimate dream still a gleaming gold medal.

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